Team registration payment will occur online at

  • The preliminary team entry fee is currently set at CAD$3800 per team. The exact fee will be finalized late 2017 and depend on sponsorship and grants.
  • The fee includes 14 party tickets per team and is payable by Feb 15th 2018.
  • Paid practice courts fee (in addition to already provided official practice time) is CAD$150 per 1h per court slot.
  • Allocated practice slots are currently planned at 30minutes per team per day due to the number of teams likely to enter.
  • Penalty fee for non-supply of referee is CAD$2000, CAD$1250 or CAD$500.
  • Penalty fee for team Entry payment after Feb 15th 2018 is CAD$500
  • Extra party tickets are CAD$100 per person

The preliminary declaration of participation form (as well as estimated player numbers) is to be submitted online via the website by November 15th 2017.

The official team tournament registration is to be paid by February 15th 2018, online.

CMAS registration: Federations must also register teams directly on the CMAS online administration system (€130), using their login names and passwords Additionally, all athletes must have a valid CMAS licence (€10 per player).

Team lists, photos and anti-doping forms must be submitted online no later than June 1st.

Anti Doping Acknowledgment Forms (one original per player) must also be deposited at registration desk on registration day.

Country flags and national anthem: each country must bring 2 flags. The national anthem audio file must be uploaded online no later than June 1st.